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Understanding the Walk-and-Turn Test

The Walk-and-Turn test is a common field sobriety test used by police in Harford and Cecil Counties to assess suspected DWI offenders. This divided attention test evaluates a suspect’s ability to perform tasks simultaneously, such as walking in a straight line heel-to-toe while counting out loud. Although standardized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the test’s accuracy can be compromised by various factors, including the way it is administered and the conditions under which it is performed.

At Ryan Law LLC, we critically assess the administration of the Walk-and-Turn test to identify any deviations from standard procedures that could impact the test’s reliability. Our experienced DWI defense attorneys are skilled in highlighting these inaccuracies, challenging the test results, and protecting our clients’ rights throughout the process.
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Contesting Walk-and-Turn Test Results

The Walk-and-Turn test is susceptible to several issues that can invalidate its results. Our defense strategies focus on these vulnerabilities, including improper test administration, unsuitable testing conditions, and individual physical or mental conditions that could affect performance.

  • Challenging the accuracy of the officer’s instructions and the standardization of the test execution.
  • Addressing how the testing environment, such as uneven surfaces or poor weather conditions, could have impacted the results.
  • Evaluating how the suspect’s health conditions may have unfairly influenced their performance on the test.

Strategic Defense Against Faulty Sobriety Tests

At Ryan Law LLC, our approach to defending against DWI charges involving the Walk-and-Turn test is comprehensive. We meticulously review every detail from the moment of the traffic stop through the administration of the test. This includes scrutinizing police body camera footage, witness statements, and environmental conditions at the time of the test.

We also consider any potential health issues or other personal factors that could invalidate the test results. By building a robust challenge against the procedural and substantive aspects of how the Walk-and-Turn test was conducted, we aim to weaken the prosecution’s case and enhance our client’s chance for a favorable outcome.

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Choosing Ryan Law LLC means securing a defense team deeply familiar with the complexities of DWI cases in Harford and Cecil Counties. Our attorneys not only understand the scientific and legal aspects of field sobriety tests like the Walk-and-Turn but also are adept at leveraging this knowledge to our clients’ advantage.

With a commitment to rigorous defense and personalized attention, we ensure that each aspect of your case is handled with the utmost care. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome by challenging the evidence presented and advocating fiercely for your rights.

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