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Understanding the One-Leg Stand Test

The One-Leg Stand (OLS) test is a common field sobriety test employed by police in Harford and Cecil Counties to gauge suspected DWI offenders’ balance and attention. This test requires an individual to stand on one foot, keeping the other foot elevated, while counting aloud until instructed to stop. It aims to assess the subject’s ability to perform divided attention tasks similar to those required while driving. However, the reliability of the OLS can be significantly affected by the manner of administration, the subject’s physical condition, and external environmental factors.

At Ryan Law LLC, our approach involves a detailed examination of the circumstances under which the OLS test was administered. We assess factors such as the instructions provided by the officer, the physical conditions at the site of the test, and any potential medical conditions that could influence the individual’s ability to perform the test. Our experienced DWI attorneys are adept at identifying procedural flaws and external influences that can compromise the test’s validity.
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Contesting One-Leg Stand Test Results

Several factors can undermine the reliability of the One-Leg Stand test results. Our defense strategies focus on these potential vulnerabilities, including improper test administration, unsuitable testing conditions, and individual physical or medical conditions that could affect performance.

  • Challenging how the test was conducted, including the clarity of instructions and the officer’s adherence to standardized protocols.
  • Addressing how conditions such as uneven surfaces, poor lighting, or adverse weather could impact the results.
  • Evaluating whether health issues, including balance-affecting conditions or age-related impairments, may have unfairly influenced the test outcome.

How We Defend Against One-Leg Stand Test Evidence

Our defense against the One-Leg Stand test evidence involves a thorough investigation into every aspect of how the test was administered. This includes reviewing video evidence from police body cameras, interviewing witnesses, and consulting medical experts when necessary to provide insights into the subject’s physical and mental health at the time of the test.

By challenging the procedural integrity of the test and the subjective interpretation of the results, we aim to weaken the prosecution’s case and enhance our clients’ chances of a favorable outcome. We also explore legal arguments related to the violation of constitutional rights if relevant to the case circumstances.

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Choosing Ryan Law LLC means you are partnering with a legal team that has deep knowledge in the nuances of DWI law and a strong track record of challenging field sobriety tests in Maryland. Our attorneys are skilled in dismantling the prosecution’s reliance on standardized field sobriety tests by exposing flaws in the test administration and highlighting individual client circumstances that may invalidate the results.

We are committed to providing a robust defense tailored to each client’s unique situation, ensuring that every possible avenue for defense is explored and utilized to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome.

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