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What Are Breath Tests?

In Maryland, breath tests including preliminary breath tests (PBTs) and breathalyzers are commonly used by law enforcement during DUI investigations to measure a driver’s breath alcohol content (BrAC). While PBTs are used roadside to establish probable cause for an arrest and are generally not admissible in court, breathalyzers are used post-arrest and produce results that can be used as evidence in DUI prosecutions. Each type of test has specific protocols for administration, and understanding these can significantly impact the defense strategy in a DUI case.

At Ryan Law LLC, we focus on dissecting the nuances of both types of breath tests. We scrutinize how these tests were administered and whether proper legal procedures were followed, including the calibration and maintenance of the devices, to build a strong defense for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that any unreliable or improperly obtained evidence is not used against you.
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Common Issues with Breathalyzer Tests

Despite their widespread use, breathalyzer tests are not infallible. Issues such as improper calibration, faulty maintenance, or operator error can all affect the accuracy of the results. Specific conditions, such as the test taker’s medical conditions or even recent dietary changes, can also skew breathalyzer readings, leading to false positives.

  • Ensuring devices are regularly and correctly calibrated and maintained.
  • Examining the qualifications and training of the operator conducting the test.
  • Assessing external factors that could influence test results, such as residual mouth alcohol or environmental factors.

Challenging the Admissibility of Breath Test Results

The admissibility of breath test results can be contested on various grounds. At Ryan Law LLC, we are adept at identifying and exploiting weaknesses in the prosecution’s reliance on breath tests. This includes challenging the breath test on the grounds of procedural errors, questioning the integrity of the device’s maintenance records, or highlighting the lack of proper operator training.

Our approach involves a thorough review of all documentation related to the breath test machine’s operation and maintenance, as well as the circumstances under which the test was administered. We also work with forensic experts to provide testimony on the potential inaccuracies of the breath test results based on technical or procedural flaws.

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Choosing Ryan Law LLC means opting for a DUI defense team that deeply understands the science and legal standards behind DUI breath tests. Our attorneys are experienced in challenging the results of these tests and have a proven track record of successfully defending clients by reducing or dismissing charges based on unreliable breath test evidence.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive defense that scrutinizes every aspect of your case, from the initial traffic stop to the final breath test. Trust Ryan Law LLC to use every available resource to fight for the best possible outcome in your DUI case.

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