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Understanding DWI Blood Tests

In Maryland, particularly in Harford and Cecil Counties, DWI blood tests are critical components used by law enforcement to determine the presence and concentration of alcohol or drugs in a driver’s system. These tests are typically administered under specific conditions, such as after a driver has refused a breathalyzer or when drug use is suspected. Despite their perceived accuracy, blood tests are susceptible to a range of errors from the method of collection to the manner of analysis. At Ryan Law LLC, we ensure that our clients understand their rights and the potential vulnerabilities in the prosecution’s case that arise from these tests.

Blood tests must be conducted following strict legal and procedural guidelines. Any deviation, such as improper handling, contamination, or issues with the chain of custody, can affect the integrity of the results. Our experienced DWI attorneys are skilled at identifying such flaws and using them to challenge the validity of the evidence presented against our clients.
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Contesting Blood Test Results in DWI Cases

The reliability of blood tests in DWI cases can be compromised by a variety of technical and procedural issues. At Ryan Law LLC, we scrutinize every aspect of the blood testing process, from the time of collection to the final analysis. Common challenges include questioning the qualifications of the individual who drew the blood, the timeliness of the test, and the conditions under which the blood was stored and transported.

  • Addressing potential mishandling or contamination that could skew test results.
  • Highlighting any discrepancies or irregularities in the chain of custody documentation.
  • Examining the equipment and procedures used in testing for maintenance and accuracy issues.

Strategic Defense Against DWI Blood Test Evidence

Successfully defending against DWI charges that involve blood test evidence requires a comprehensive and strategic approach. At Ryan Law LLC, we employ a variety of tactics based on the specific circumstances of each case. These include challenging the administrative process of the blood draw, the qualifications of personnel, and the analytic integrity of the testing facility. Additionally, we may engage independent experts to retest samples or testify regarding the potential for error in the original test.

Our attorneys are also vigilant in ensuring that all procedural rights of our clients are upheld throughout the testing and evidence collection process. If any rights were violated, such as through improper issuance of a warrant or failure to adhere to legal standards, we aggressively pursue the exclusion of tainted evidence.

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Selecting Ryan Law LLC means choosing a law firm that is deeply committed to defending individuals accused of DWI in Harford and Cecil Counties. Our lawyers are not only well-versed in Maryland DWI law but are also experienced in handling cases involving complex evidentiary issues like blood tests. We understand the critical nature of these tests and the impact they can have on the outcome of your case.

Our proactive and client-focused approach ensures that we explore every possible defense strategy, providing you with the most robust defense possible. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes, whether that means negotiating for reduced charges or fighting for an acquittal at trial.

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